Careers In Global Health

A woman receiving treatment at a health facility in Haiti. A woman receiving treatment at a health facility in Haiti.

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Global health professionals address the health concerns of people living in low- and middle- income areas. Health concerns in these populations can include infectious or tropical diseases, mental illness, trauma, gender-based violence, or age-related illnesses and conditions. Some global health professionals may study large-scale epidemics, as well as vaccines, treatments, and other ways to mitigate the spread of epidemics. Other global health professionals collaborate with community leaders, government agencies, and relief organizations to promote medical awareness and healthy living. 

All careers within the global health sector are concentrated in data-driven research and educational outreach. In summary, global health professionals identify the main medical concerns on world-wide, national, and local scales. They research the origins and effects of each concern and present their findings. Global health professionals are also responsible for recognizing the groups of individuals within affected areas with the greatest potential of facilitating widespread change, and then working to create community-based action strategies. Lastly, global health professionals are responsbile for collaborating with inter-agency and international counterparts to introduce health education programs that can be used to teach populations of all ages.

Job Titles:

  • Policy Analyst
  • Epidemiologist
  • Medical Officer
  • Program Management & Advising
  • Health Scientist
  • Public Health Advisor
  • Field Consultant
  • Disaster Relief Support Technician
  • Global Health Educator
  • NGO Aid Worker

Global Health Employers:

  • Research & Academic Institutions
  • International Organizations (such as the WHO)
  • Immigrant/Refugee Health Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs)
  • Lending or Financing Agencies (such as the World Bank)
  • Multi-Lateral Agencies
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Faith-based Charitable Groups (such as World Vision)
  • International Charitable Foundations (such as the Gates Foundation)