An image of a polluted river with trash floating near the shore. An image of a polluted river with trash floating near the shore.
Explore the undergraduate and graduate programs the Global Health program has to offer.
General Concentration in Global Health
Designed for professionals who are already in the health field but require substantial social science knowledge and methodologies to complete their training. These students may have strong interest in (or are already) working in developing countries or underserved areas.
Community-Based Participatory Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
This track will provide graduate students the skills to build partnerships and active participation to address critical health issues in communities throughout the world. This track prepares students for placement in community health resesarch projects.

Policy, Governance and Advocacy
A comprehensive framework of global health underscoring the sociopolitical, economic, and geographic factors that, in addition to biomedical factors, impact health conditions of various countries and populations throughout the world.

Independent Major
Undergraduate students interested in studying global health as a major can customize an independent major in consultation with their Guidance Committee.

Medical Humanities
Students are given the chance to explore the practice and science of medicine from the perspective of the humanities, and to engage with the history and cultural significance of medicine and health from ancient times to today.
Social Science & Medicine
Students are given the chance to explore social and behavioral aspects of medicine and health care through the social sciences.