A photo of a young man wearing a mask during heavy smog in Shanghai, China. A photo of a young man wearing a mask due to heavy smog in Shanghai, China.

Master of Arts in Global Health Policy, Governance & Advocacy

This concentration provides students with a comprehensive framework of global health that underscores the sociopolitical, economic, and geographic factors that, in addition to biomedical factors, impact health conditions of various countries and populations throughout the world. It focuses on the global health policies and governance models that are aimed at addressing these challeneges. This concentration prepares interested graduate students to understand and critically evaluate global policy frameworks. Students in this track will analyze key issues and controversies in global health policy and delivery (e.g. priority setting, health systems, primary health care, equity considerations). Substitute courses may be permitted for some coursework that includes tailored research and independent study courses with faculty approval. 

As for previous concentrations, students who complete this track will have the professional skills necessary for working with policy makers in ministries, public health professionals, non-govermental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations (IGOs). Their acquired skills in leadership and advocacy combined with their understanding of policy and governance prepares them to assist private, non-profit and for profit organizations to reach out to different health systems, helping to formulate new global and community health strategies. There is no comparable track in South Florida that provides this training currently. 

Core Courses Credits
EPH 612 Global Health 3
APY 612 Advanced Medical Anthropology 3
POL 655 Public Policy and Health 3
EPH 616 Global Health and Global Justice 3
INS 672 Global Health Policy and Ethics 3
EPH 613 Emerging Challenges in Global Health Systems 3

APY 805


APY 810

 Graduate Internship: Professional Practice of Anthropology


Master's Degree Thesis Preparation Writing

Total 24
Elective Courses 12
Total 36

Sample of Elective Course Options

Course Number Course Name
APY 611 Methods of Anthropological Research (Ethnography)
APY 616 Advanced Workshop in Anthropology
COM 608 Designing and Producing Messages
COM 620 Structure Research and Practice in SoC Consultancy
COM 672 Persuasive Communication
COS 651 Survey of Health Communication
COS 653 Organizations, Communication and Health
COS 654 Risk Communication
COS 655 Health Communication Interventions
EPH 601 Medical Biostatistics I
EPH 610 Public Health Surveillance Systems
EPH 621 Fundamentals in Epidemiology
EPH 626 Health Equity
EPH 641 Integrated Aspects of Environmental Health
EPH 651 Research Methods
EPH 652 Health Policy
EPH 703 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology
SOC 613 Qualitative Research Method
GEG 622 Urbanization in the Developing World
GEG 632 Seminar in Environmental Geography & Planetary Health
GEG 648 Climate Change & Public Health
IGS 613 Global Cultures: Religion, Communication and Security
IGS 647 Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance
INS 609  Globalization and Human Rights
INS 613 Transational Social Movement
INS 620 International Migration and the Health Care System
INS 639 Globalization and Health
INS 644 International Development and Human Welfare
INS 645 Disasters, Terrorism and Global Public Health
INS 672 Global Health Policy and Ethics
LAS 681 Graduate Seminar on Public Health: Latin American and the Caribbean
LAS 684 Global Public Health: Harnessing Theoretical Prep with Health Diplomacy
NUR 657 Population Based Health and Health Care Disparities
NUR 658 Health Policy Development and Implementation
POL 646 Public Policy Analysis and Administration
SOC 620 Social Epidemiology