A photo taken of a village in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. A photo taken of a village in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.

Master of Arts in Community-Based Participatory Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (CBPR-M&E)

This track will provide graduate students skills to build partnerships and active participation to address critical health issues in communities throughout the world. It provides unique social science skills to integrate community members, local stakeholders, elected officials, and researchers in the design, implementation, interpretation of community-based participatory studies as well as uses of research and eveluation results to develop integrated policies to improve the wellbeing of community members. Community-based participatory research is a methodology that has been widely endorsed by major global health players, including the NIH's Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research. Substitute courses may be permitted for some coursework that includes tailored research and independent study courses with faculty approval. 

Those students who complete this track will have the professional degree necessary for placement in community health research projects which address questions of delivering biomedical care to culturally distinctive populations and may or may not address questions of complementary and alternative health care. Their skills in both structured and open-ended interviewing and analysis of the resultant data are in high demand in the United States and around the world. Community-based participatory research skills are particularly prized by propspective employers. No other program in South Florida provides this training currently.

Core Courses Credits
EPH 612 Global Health 3
APY 611 Methods of Anthropological Research (Ethnography) 3
APY 616 Advanced Workshop in Anthropology 3
EPH 621 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
SOC 614 Evaluation Research  3
EPH 647 Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) 3

APY 805


APY 810

Graduate Internship: Professional Practice of Anthropology


Master's Degree Thesis Preparation and Writing

Total 24
Elective Courses 12
Total 36

Sample of Elective Course Options

Course Number Course Title
APY 612 Advanced Medical Anthropology
COM 608 Designing and Producing Messages
COM 620 Structure Research and Practice in SoC Consultancy
COM 672 Persuasive Communication
COS 645 Intercultural Communication: International Perspective
COS 651 Survey of Health Communication
COS 653 Organizations, Communication and Health
COS 654 Risk Communication
COS 655 Health Communication Interventions
EPH 601 Medical Biostatistics I
EPH 602 Medical Biostatistics II
EPH 610  Public Health Surveillance Systems
EPH 613 Emerging Challenges in Global Health Systems
EPH 650 Health Economics for Evaluation and Policy
EPH 703 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology
GEG 622 Urbanization in the Developing World
GEG 655 Field Methods and Geospatial Analysis
GEG 661 Urban Geology I
GEG 680 Spatial Data Analysis I
GEG 681 Spatial Statistics II
GEG 691 Geographic Information Systems I
GEG 693 Geographic Information Systems II
IGS 613 Global Cultures: Religion, Communication and Security
INS 609 Globalization and Human Rights
INS 672 Global Health Policy and Ethics
LAS 681 Graduate Seminar on Public Health: Latin America and the Caribbean
LAS 684 Global Public Health: Harnessing Theoretical Prep with Health Diplomacy
NUR 658 Health Policy Development and Implementation
SOC 632 Social Psychology of Health and Illness
SOC 636 Health Diversity Across the Life Courses