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Impact Communities Across The Globe

Miami is the crossroads of the hemisphere. We are uniquely positioned to study the underlying causes that affect the health of individuals, communities, and nations around the world. You will be able to take a range of interdisciplinary courses examining the emerging challenges to human health and security, the differential access and adoption of evidence-based health policies and practices, and how these interventions translate from international to community scales. This program will give you the social science knowlege and methodologies to integrate stakeholders and researchers in the design, implementation, interpretation of community-based participatory studies. 

Our program provides a comprehensive framework of global health that underscores the sociopolitical, economic, and geographic factors that, in addition to biomedical factors, impact health conditions of various countries and populations throughout the world. Graduates of our program acquire skills in leadership and advocacy, and combined with a deep understanding of policy and governance, are prepared to assist private, government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations formulate new global and community health strategies.